Liselle Batt, IAPF-1 Accredited Farrier    (207) 491-1617

Training- Available May-November

Natural Horsemanship Trainer: Hilary Wojcik

Together with the owner, our trainer Hilary Wojcik will identify a list of "problem areas" to address during training. Price packages are customized based on the needs of each horse.  

Common reasons to consult a professional include:

  • Starting under saddle
  • Routine training for the young or novice horse
  • Tune-ups for mature horses who haven't been ridden recently
  • Problem Behavior: refusal to load, pushy or aggressive behavior, difficulty standing for routine farrier or vet work, hyperactive personality, etc
  • Summer school for ponies: Sometimes a month of disciplined riding is all your family pony needs to be an excellent and safe mount for your child.

Through a combination of at-liberty round pen work, in-hand lunging, and riding in our outdoor arena and across miles of private trails, your horse will have the opportunity to become a willing, respectful partner both in-hand and under-saddle.

While in residence at Butterfield Farm, your horse will have the choice of run-in shed, turnout on pasture with BFF program horses, or a private stall and dry-lot paddock with full board care.

This private training program is currently only available to Liselle's active farrier clients. The minimum training duration is one month.

Please contact us to reserve your place for this summer.